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The legendary online course
of the shaman known in 37 countries

The Power of Lineage

registration Aayla
  • Discover a strong connection to your lineage and feel its healing power
  • A shamanic journey to your ancestors: The power and predestination of your lineage
  • Access to limitless life force and abundance, given to you by your ancestors
My dear, I am glad that the signs from
your ancestors have
brought you here!
There is a reason your ancestors have chosen you: as the one who can ensure the safety and prosperity of your lineage. That’s it, that's why you are now reading these lines!
They ask you to devote your attention to special protective rituals and practices to saturate your lineage with energy and power, and to multiply good health, welfare, and fertility in your lineage.
What exactly must you do?
  • Fill your whole lineage with energy and call the protecting spirit
  • Stop the process of recurrence of lineage misfortunes
  • Learn to pray for the dead and the living in your lineage
  • Combine the power of the two lines of the lineage
  • Learn how to purify the space of your family home from negative energies
  • Receive grace from the spirit of money and establish a connection with it
My beautiful ladies, I invite you to my online course,
I will help you establish and connect with your lineage during this in-depth, shamanic online course consisting of 5 lessons. In each lesson you will dive into the energy field of your ancestors.

We will clear the way for you, your children and descendants. Your destiny, the destiny of everyone connected with you, and the destiny of your whole lineage will start to change.
Watch the interview with Aayla on
the topic of the webinar
The course program consists of
4 video lessons + 1 lesson as a gift
each of which will help you pave the way for yourself and your descendants,
and fill your lineage with peace, happiness, abundance, respect, confidence and trust.
Shamanic Ritual: Prayer for the lineage
In the first lesson you will find a ritual to reconnect with your contemporaries: your parents, children, brothers and sisters.
Through this ritual, you will be able to change many things:
— Restore harmonious relations between all relatives, remove quarrels and misunderstandings, heal relationships and make the family strong — Protect your lineage from all diseases, even incurable ones — Get support from your lineage for new opportunities, successful projects, and the formation of a happy future — You will learn to place energy protection for your relatives, not only from troubles and misfortunes, but also for success in business
Shamanic Ritual: Prayer for the ancestors
This ritual will help you realize and understand the imprints your departed ancestors have left on your life. In this shamanic journey, you will be able to free yourself from the burdens you have taken upon yourself and regain lost power.
Through this ritual you will be able to:
— Stop the process of repetition of lineage misfortunes — Understand the power and predestination your lineage has, at what stage the power of ancestors is lost, and how to awaken it — Retrieve the energy of welfare in your lineage to live in peace, prosperity and abundance — Fill up with vital energy and receive a great resource for yourself and your children's future
Shamanic Ritual: Energetic womb cleansing
In terms of shamanism, a woman is inextricably connected to the world of spirits and the earth through her womb. A woman's womb is a source of boundless life energy not only for the woman, but also for her entire environment, her family, and her lineage. In this lesson I will share knowledge about the sacred methods of purification of female energy.
If you direct this energy correctly, then:
— Health is restored
— Healthy and talented children are born — Love and understanding come to your relationships with all those you care for — You have energy for attaining all life goals — Your predestination is revealed, you see your way clearly, and you have enough power to help others
Shamanic ritual: Purification of the house from negative influences and energy
They say "my home is my castle". Shamans believe that the home is more than a castle. It is a place of power for your entire family. The way the energy flows of your home are attuned can influence the prosperity, health, and happiness of ALL MEMBERS OF YOUR FAMILY.
In this lesson you will:
— Learn how to clean your house and fill it with energy so that it becomes a place of power for your whole lineage — Learn how to protect your family and create an energy shield in your home — Learn what mistakes you must not make to prevent your home from accumulating destructive energy — Take the shamanic ritual about attracting the protecting spirit into your home — Get a chance to acquire a strong family amulet - a family coat of arms
Shamanic Ritual: Connecting with the spirit of money
You will make friends with the Spirit of Money and you will be able to work through financial problems not only for yourself, but also for your whole family!
In this lesson:
— You will have a magical shamanic ritual for the prosperity and well-being of your entire lineage, which you can perform every day — You will learn how to recognize money energy and how to deal with it — You will know what money is from a shamanic perspective: how can you influence the flow of money? — Achieve financial goals as a milestone in realizing your dreams — Connection of spirituality and wealth
May your lineage become the most powerful,
and may your children have
a healthy, strong,
blooming, constantly
growing family tree!
How does the course work?
Step 1
You send an application and pay the participation fee in a convenient way
Step 2
You get access to a personal account with video lessons
Step 3
You perform all practices and rituals with Aayla
Step 4
After completing all 5 lessons, you will discover the wisdom and power of your whole lineage
»The Power of Lineage«
An online course containing
all the wisdom of the shamans
It is translated
into 7 languages
It is held on 5
continents of the earth
It requires
no special preparation
It is very effective
and relevant
Its effectiveness has been proven
by scientists around the world
It is available
for daily use
Hereditary Siberian shaman, known in 37 countries of the world
Author and holder of unique trainings around the world
Curator of ecological WWF projects in Russia
Master of harmonious family traditions
Developed more than 500 methodologies of development of human capabilities with the use of shamanic techniques
AAYLA was the first to gather the ancient knowledge of shamanism and explain it in modern language
The following movies were created in cooperation with the BBC based on researching my capabilities: “Human brain capabilities” (2006), “Horizon. Out of Control?” (2012), “Brain story” (2012).
The spirits have brought you here and this means that you stand on the threshold of a new stage: the discovery of the power of your lineage, and understanding of your own predestination.
All you have to do is purchase "The Power of Lineage" online course
Online course «The Power of Lineage»
  • Lifetime access to video-practices through a personal account
  • You will get access to all lessons of the course immediately after payment
  • 4 video lessons for in-depth work with lineage
  • 24/7 access to the personal account of the training platform
  • Bonus Shamanic Ritual - “Connecting with the spirit of money“
  • Ticket to Aayla's live master class, worth 30 Euros
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  • Lifetime access to the first lesson "Shamanic Ritual: Prayer for the lineage"
  • You will get access immediately after payment
  • 24/7 access to your personal account of the learning platform
Just now

If your lineage has suffered from financial problems, illnesses, or recurring karmic scenarios, it means that at this point in the life of your lineage there is an elder of the lineage who can stop it.

And most likely it is you, dear reader!»

The knowledge of this course will reveal your connection to your ancestors.
You will gain access
to rituals that will stay with you for life!

You probably have questions. I want to answer some of the most popular ones right away!

Can I repeat the rituals from the course by myself?

— Absolutely! After all, it takes more than one day of practice to become a lineage elder!

My dear, you will always have access to the materials!

What if I don't have money to pay for the course?

— One of the lessons is fully devoted to reconnecting with the spirit of money, so you'll get double the money back after you complete the course!

What if I don't have time to take the course?

— The format of the course is very convenient. I made the videos so you can watch them anywhere and anytime.
Each video lesson conveys a special shamanic power!

What happens after I pay

— After your successful payment, you will receive access to a personal account with the video-lessons from the course. On the same platform, you will also be able to ask Aayla any of your questions and have them answered.

What results will I get?

— The course brings results to participants in all areas of life: healthy, harmonious family; understanding among generations; inner strength and harmony; and improved financial position of the family, now and for all descendants.